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American muscle meets Superbike performance.
US MSRP Starting at $35,995

A Sporty, High-Performance Cruiser

Strategically designed with a rubber-mounted engine, race-inspired suspension and ergonomically-placed controls, this cruiser combines on-highway comfort with knee-dragging corner ability.

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As racers say, “There is no replacement for displacement.” With over 2030cc displacement, the S&S 124 cubic inch power plant has more displacement per cylinder than the sum of all cylinders on today’s biggest inline-four Superbikes. This means a torque curve that builds power off idle and continues throughout the power band— a feat only achieved by a V-Twin.

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Make It Personal

Built upon a dynamic platform, the Boxer is designed to adjust to multiple configurations. Set it for the track, highway or anywhere in-between. Custom-tailor your Boxer to your riding style.

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