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American craftsmanship and precision engineering at its finest. These are rolling works of art that beautifully fuse form and function into a dynamic machine for the soul. Meet the starting lineup.


Starting at $42,995 US MSRP

A trike with "show" and "go". The next generation of trikes is here.

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Starting at $34,995 US MSRP*

*Fuel Injected starting at $35,995 US MSRP

Timeless chopper styling, comfortable ergonomics, and cutting-edge performance—everything you’d expect from our bestselling motorcycle.

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Starting at $35,995 US MSRP

Superbikes beware. This beast has more displacement in each cylinder than all cylinders in a 1000cc sportbike combined. This is for the next generation corner-carver that wants performance and comfort in one compact package.

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Starting at $28,995 US MSRP

Premium performance at a premium value. The coyote is a limited-production motorcycle built with premium parts, but without the premium price.

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