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Background video Scenic Sturgis Riding Footage on Big Dog K9 Choppers

Scenic Sturgis Riding Footage | Big Dog Motorcycles

Enjoy this robotically-stabilized Scenic Sturgis Riding Footage in the background of your shop, bar, office or home. Add this video to your favorites and bring beautiful Sturgis weather with you no matter where you are. I captured this footage while riding a Limited Edition 2016 Big Dog K9 Chopper at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I love riding in […]

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Daytona Bike Week The Broken Spoke

Daytona Bike Week – Big Dog at the Broken Spoke

Here is more of the footage from the Limited Edition Big Dog Mastiff reveal at the Broken Spoke during Daytona Bike Week. During this trip, I rode the Mastiff that we revealed. When I arrived, we unloaded the bikes. I watched Matt wheel the Limited Edition Mastiff out of the trailer. He leaned it towards me […]

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Drone Footage from Sturgis, SD

Sturgis and Summit County Drone Footage

On this trip to Sturgis, Big Dog rented a drone. Unfortunately, we were not legally able to fly it in town, so I captured some downtown rally footage with the intention of giving Big Dog a return on the drone rental. Make sure to check out more of our Sturgis videos on the Big Dog blog. Here are a […]

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Bike week - Daytona Ride with Big Dog Motorcycles

Big Dog Motorcycles Daytona Ride

The Daytona ride was a fun part of our trip to Bike Week. forum members organized this ride. I was just a follower on this part of the adventure. I was riding the brand new Limited Edition Mastiff that we revealed on stage at the Broken Spoke Saloon. This bike had six-miles on it at the beginning […]

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Nice location - Main Street at Daytona Bike Week still

Main Street – Daytona Bike Week

Here’s some raw footage from Main Street at Daytona Bike Week.   This was my first event to attend and ride at with Matt Moore and Big Dog Motorcycles. It was very last-minute and I almost didn’t go. Thank goodness I did. This was the beginning of what looks to be an amazing adventure I hope […]

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Big Dog Machine Shop Tour - Matt Moore

Big Dog Machine Shop Tour

Thanks for watching as Matt Moore walks us around the facility where all of our billet aluminum parts are manufactured. Here’s the direct link to the Big Dog Machine Shop Tour. More details about the shop and process coming to this blog post soon. Big Dog Machine Shop Tour   Video by Mike Gamache from Colorado […]

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Putting the first mile on a Big Dog K9 chopper

Putting the Very First Mile on a Big Dog K9 Chopper

A while back, I spent 6-weeks in my home town, documenting my adventure with Big Dog Motorcycles. This was my video of  Putting the very first mile on a Big Dog K9 Chopper. Watch this American-built motorcycle begin as some metal tubes and evolve into a bad ass custom bike. One of the many benefits of being […]

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Bike Porn – Walking Around Downtown Sturgis

Here’s a little bit of Bike Porn from Sturgis, 2016 – At the end of my trip to Sturgis  with the Big Dog Motorcycles factory crew, we all departed from our rental home and I headed downtown for one last round of capturing video. Although this was my second trip to Sturgis, I did not actually make […]

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Riding at Sturgis on Big Dog K9 Choppers

Riding Big Dog K9 Choppers at Sturgis

Make sure to share this page or the video link for Riding Big Dog K9 Choppers at Sturgis – Shooting this video was amazing! I had a blast on my trip to Sturgis with the Big Dog! Riding Big Dog K9 Choppers, hanging out, and meeting cool new people. Making this video was kind of special. Two of the riders are […]

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Youtube Channel Trailer for Big Dog Motorcycles - 2017

Big Dog Motorcycles Trailer 2017

Thanks for watching and sharing the new Big Dog Motorcycles Trailer! Part of the new Big Dog is a renewed focus on Youtube and social media. Over the last few years we have captured some pretty cool video and I thought it was time to throw together a short trailer to show fans and potential viewers what […]

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