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Putting the first mile on a Big Dog K9 chopper

Putting the Very First Mile on a Big Dog K9 Chopper

A while back, I spent 6-weeks in my home town, documenting my adventure with Big Dog Motorcycles.

This was my video of  Putting the very first mile on a Big Dog K9 Chopper.

Watch this American-built motorcycle begin as some metal tubes and evolve into a bad ass custom bike.

One of the many benefits of being Big Dog’s Video Producer – I get to ride lots of new bikes.

If you look at the gauge when I begin riding, it has all zeros.

We took the bikes out on a saved country road NorthWest of Wichita. Then we got on the highway and rode downtown. We ended up on top of the Warren Theatre parking structure.

As we were capturing a footage on the roof of the parking garage, a train drove by, which gave me a couple cool shots.

Big Dog Motorcycles’ front man Matt Moore is the other rider.

Having been with Big Dog since 2005, Matt wasn’t probably as excited as me, but I enjoy every minute on the different bikes he puts me on.

The Big Dog K9 chopper was once infamous for electrical issues, but under new ownership, Big Dog Motorcycles has completely redeveloped the electronics and ignition system known as the EHC. Learn more about the new Big Dog EHC here.

Not only do these bikes have unparalleled style, they are also torque monsters, utilizing a 124-cubic-inch S&S Motor, and a newly developed Jim’s six-speed transmission.

After the chopper boom and economic downturn, there are few, if any factory manufacturers of custom choppers left in the world.

Follow Big Dog Motorcycles to keep up with one of the last production manufacturers of custom choppers.

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See you at the next rally!

Putting the Very First Mile on a Big Dog K9 Chopper

Video and blog post by Mike Gamache from Colorado Mountain Life




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