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Riding at Sturgis on Big Dog K9 Choppers

Riding Big Dog K9 Choppers at Sturgis

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Shooting this video was amazing! I had a blast on my trip to Sturgis with the Big Dog! Riding Big Dog K9 Choppers, hanging out, and meeting cool new people.

Making this video was kind of special. Two of the riders are the past and current manager of Big Dog Motorcycles.

When I was editing this video, I really wanted to convey the feeling of freedom and peace a good ride can bring. The funny thing is, this shoot ended as we raced a gnarly storm back to the rental house. It was still an awesome ride.

We shot this video just outside of town, even though Sturgis can be hectic and congested.

We’ve got bigger badder cameras now, but this video was actually shot on a Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition.

I was hanging off of the back of a Harley to capture these shots. Not bad, right?

My background was motocross and stunt riding, so these bikes have been a new world to me. My favorite so far was the 2016 Mastiff I put the first miles on at Daytona Bike Week.

The 2016 K9 with racing stripes that you see Matt on was my ride for Sturgis… Man! the 124 cubic-inch S&S motor sure made the riding fun! Coming out of a curve on the pipes cannot be adequately described by words.

Growing up in Wichita Kansas and watching people drool over Big Dog bikes is one of the many reasons my job producing videos is so cool. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to ride and make videos with Big Dog!

I want to throw a quick shout out and thank you to Matt and Big Dog for investing in my video production. I hope to produce many more awesome projects with you guys!

Riding Big Dog K9 Choppers at Sturgis


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