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Matt Moore shooting shot guns at the Big Dog Biker anniversary

Big Dog Biker 10-Year Reunion pt. 2 of 4

Shotguns and good times at the Big Dog Biker 10-Year Reunion pt. 2 of 4

After the rifle range, some of us retreated to the lodge to enjoy a cold beverage and conversation with fellow Big Dog Biker members. The rest of us grabbed our shotguns and met at the trap and skeet field for a friendly round of clays.

There were a wide range of shooters from first-timers to pros, Men and women alike.

Flint Oak has more than just Trap and Skeet. They have two full Sporting Clays courses.

I have only participated in Sporting Clays once. It was here at Flint Oak, years ago.

I loved Sporting Clays because it was like a really cool game of golf with guns. If you have never had the chance to shoot in a sporting clays match, keep your eye open for the opportunity!

Shooting video of the shotgun competition with the Big Dog Biker group was a blast, although I was jealous that being behind the camera prevented me from shooting clays.

It was great spending time off of the bikes with some of the forum members. In fact, the riders I have met through Big Dog Biker and the Big Dog factory have been some of the most genuinely good people I’ve met. Always willing to lend a hand, driven by the shared love of their American-made, custom Big Dog Motorcycles. Regardless of background, these riders have always proven to carry themselves with class, even while having fun.

To me, riding a Big Dog places a rider in an elite group who have a passion for factory-quality motorcycles, yet desire a custom, one-of-a-kind machine. To me, the dedicated few who ride Big Dog Motorcycles are right at the heart of American Motorcycle Culture. These riders get it. They ride for the love, and they ride bikes they can proudly stand behind.

I hope to keep riding with many of those who I’ve met at past events, and I look forward to meeting many more of you in the near future!

Big Dog Biker 10-Year Reunion pt. 2 of 4

Video and article by Mike Gamache (Founder,



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