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One of the bikes at the American Bagger Industry Party Sturgis 2016

American Bagger Industry Party – Sturgis 2016

Here’s one of the many appearances Big Dog made at this Sturgis – American Bagger Industry Party – Sturgis 2016

It’s great being the Videographer for Big Dog Motorcycles. One of the perks is that I see a lot of innovative custom bikes.

Although Big Dog does not have a focus on Baggers, it is always good to seek out inspiration from sources outside of what we know and love.

Attending expos like the American Cycle and American Bagger show allows us to use a creative and critical eye. We get to look at ideas and designs that we like and ask ourselves, “How could this apply to choppers?”

We also get to see reasons why we stay true to our roots with choppers. Some of what we see reinforces our love for choppers. It helps us understand why we do not just jump onboard with any trend that hits the internet or magazines.

This show was a really cool experience for someone like myself who has a lot of time riding and a passion for it. Admittedly, as the Videographer, I am not someone who is not completely in the loop with the latest  trends, designs, and builds. My job is to basically go on cool adventures, document those adventures, then tell a story with the footage I capture. This makes events like the American Bagger industry party extremely interesting and inspirational to me.

As I attended this show, I asked myself, what is Big Dog doing to innovate within the American Motorcycle industry. A lot of things came to mind, but the most prevalent concept was the 2017 Big Dog Boxer.

The new FXR-based Boxer reminds me of a grown-man’s sport bike. It has an aggressive stance, much shorter wheel base than a K9 Chopper, but it still utilizes a one-hundred-twenty-four cubic-inch S&S V-Twin and 6-speed Jim’s transmission.

I like the way Matt and the Big Dog team are thinking… Instead of getting into a game that everyone else has been playing for a while, Big Dog is staying true to their love, choppers. While blazing trails, creating new concepts, and continuing to be a source of innovation for the American Motorcycle Industry.

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American Bagger Industry Party – Sturgis 2016

Video and Article by Mike Gamache (Founder,

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