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Riding motorcycles at the Big Dog Biker Reunion

Big Dog Biker 10-year reunion pt. 4 of 4

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Big Dog Biker 10-Year Reunion pt. 4
The last part of the event was a ride to the Big Dog Motorcycles factory in Wichita, Kansas. This is where Big Dog hosted lunch and a speech by Matt Moore from Big Dog.

The riding was perfect. The weather was great, fellow riders were safe and experienced. A large pack of 9′ Big Dog Choppers and bikes was a pretty amazing sight to see.

The route connecting Flint Oak and the Big Dog production facility lead the riders through the Flint Hills. This region is known for its wide open rolling green hills.

Although I rode a Mastiff to Flint Oak, my job as the Big Dog videographer is to capture cool shots, so I decided to ride on the back of a bike, piloted by Big Dog Biker forum member Marky-Marc for the return to Wichita. This allowed me to capture the best action shots. Next time, I will probably set up with the big camera in the back of a truck.

Although I captured the rest of the video on my Sony A7 using various lenses, the riding segment was shot on a Gopro Hero 4 Black edition, mounted on a 3-axis gimbal. This allowed for much more dynamic shots and camera moves at the sacrifice of depth-of-field and overall image quality. Still, I think the riding footage came out pretty great!

As you watch the video, you will notice that no two Big Dogs look much alike at all, whether they are the same or different models. That is the exciting thing about a custom production bike. Very few are even similar, yet repairs, upgrades, and modifications are readily available to those who are not certified fabricators and mechanics.

Personally, I have been riding on the street for seventeen-years so I have experienced riding with good groups and with bad. One of the nice things about riding with the Big Dog Biker group is that everybody was very smooth and fluid, yet the group stayed tight. It was pretty obvious that there were no beginners in this pack.

You will notice in the end of this video how much credit Matt Moore gives to the riders and forum. I would love nothing more than to see Big Dog solidify its place in American Motorcycle History and continue to grow in the future!

Big Dog Biker 10-year reunion pt. 4 of 4

Video and Article by Mike Gamache (Founder,



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