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Big Dog Biker Reunion pt4 Still

Big Dog Biker 10-Year Reunion pt. 3 of 4

Thanks for watching our mini series about the Big Dog Biker 10-Year Reunion pt 3.

The 10-year reunion was a great opportunity for the Big Dog team to meet and interact with forum members. These were people who they have been in communication with for years.

During the event, I noticed a mutual appreciation from Big Dog staff and riders. There were a lot of good vibes. I think everyone knew they were in the fight together to keep the Big Dog Motorcycles brand alive and growing.

After the shooting events and dinner, most of us enjoyed a few drinks and spent the remainder of the evening BS-ing, checking out bikes, and getting to know one another.

As I spent time shooting videos and talking with other riders, I watched the owners of Big Dog interacting with forum members and BDM staff. I remember thinking to myself that I’ve known Matt and Nick Moore for a long time. I’ve observed how passionate they are for the brand and product that is Big Dog Motorcycles. But as I’ve traveled with and produced videos for Big Dog, I have seen this passion from a whole new perspective behind the scenes.

One of the many things that comes to mind is the R&D, and production of the new electronics and EHC RIP Kit.

As I learned the story of electronics issues that plagued legacy Big Dog models, I watched how important it was for the new ownership and management come up with an extremely solid solution… Now the electronics are waterproof, nearly shock proof, and even shotgun resistant. Don’t believe me? Check out the torture test videos at the EHC link above.

As I’ve met Big Dog owners, riders, and Big Dog Biker forum members, I’ve experienced the dedication owners and riders have for Big Dog Motorcycles.  I’ve seen how appreciative they are that Big Dog is once again producing bikes and parts.

Make sure to check out the last video of this mini series to see our ride from the Flint Oak Lodge to the Big Dog Motorcycles factory in Wichita, Kansas.

Big Dog Biker 10-Year Reunion pt. 3 of 4

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