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Big Dog Biker 10 year reunion still image from opening shot

Big Dog Biker 10-Year Reunion pt. 1 of 4

Automatic assault rifles, high explosives, and good friends – Big Dog Biker 10-Year Reunion part 1 of 4

I am one of the luckiest people in the world. Big Dog Motorcycles is one of my many clients. I am a Freelance Video Producer.

As a part of my job, I get to ride Big Dog choppers and cruisers while shooting and producing videos about my experiences with the company.

In the past, I have docummented rides with Big Dog Biker forum members at Daytona Bike Week and Sturgis. This is my third event to cover with the company.

The first video from this mini series is the opening segment of the Big Dog Biker 10-year anniversary reunion and ride. This section talks a bit about BDM President Matt Moore and his relationship with the Big Dog Biker forum.

The event was held at Flint Oak Lodge and shooting range in Fall River, Kansas.


The lodge provides everything a biker could need on a riding trip. Some of these amenities are safe parking for bikes, swimming pool, fine dining cafeteria and bar, and a world-class shooting range. We’re not talking any shooting range. I mean there’s spaces dedicated to nearly any type of artillery the American consumer can obtain.

Flint Oak has a rifle/pistol range, a trap/skeet range, a 5-trap stand, and 2 full Sporting Clays courses.

The arrival day of the Big Dog Biker reunion was kicked off at the rifle/pistol range. Make sure to watch the second portion of this video to see shooting, guns, and high explosives that were detonated.

This event was a really special moment where friends who have known each other for years online were able to meet, shoot, drink, and ride together (not while drinking of course.) Whether it was our first time to meet or we had ridden together many other times, everyone felt like family.

Arriving at Flint Oak

I rode in with a group of about 7 or 8. We started our trip to Flint Oak resort from the Big Dog Motorcycles factory in Wichita, Kansas.

Fortunately for me, Matt and some of the Big Dog staff brought out the dually and trailer. As a result of their rig, I had somewhere to throw all my video gear.

In typical Big Dog style, Matt had a lightly-ridden Mastiff rigged up with a back seat and sissy bar so my wife and I could enjoy the ride out to Flint Oak.

This was special to me because she had seen my videos of my travels with Big Dog but she had never ridden on a motorcycle with me.

Big Dog Biker Couple

The Wife and I

As we arrived, some forum members were already at the lodge with all of their gear moved into their rooms, while others continued to trickle in over the next hour.

It seems like no time passed at all and I was riding in a golf cart with all of my camera equipment.

The Shooting Begins

The first event was a hands-on exhibition of automatic machine guns, rifles, pistols, and high explosives.

Unfortunately I was so busy shooting my cameras that I never got my hands on any guns. Fortunately I’ve grown up shooting, so I didn’t miss out on a new experience.

The most exciting part of the rifle range for me was to watch my wife shoot her first guns ever. If you were there, you saw that she looked like she has been shooting her whole life.

The rifle range was a great place to break the ice and get to know other Big Dog Biker forum members and riders. It was also just a great time causing controlled destruction!

I was fortunate to be right in the middle of the fun for the entire reunion, so check out the next videos to see more of the forum members shooting guns and riding choppers!

Big Dog Biker 10-Year Reunion pt. 1 of 4

Video and article by Mike Gamache (Founder,




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