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Sturgis 2016 - Big Dog Motorcycles Owners Group Ride

Sturgis 2016 – Big Dog Motorcycles Owners Group Ride

Here’s the second rally video that we produced, in the beginning… Sturgis 2016 – Big Dog Motorcycles Owners Group Ride 

We have returned from Sturgis 2016 and it was a successful trip.

First and foremost, nobody was hurt and no bikes were damaged, unless you count our friend tipping over twice in the parking lot and breaking the left peg off of his BMW.

The main focus during this Sturgis trip was to reveal the new prototype that is based off of a Harley FXR, that is called the Boxer.

We used our time to observe riders’ reactions and gather feedback as we showcased the Boxer at various events throughout the week. Check back soon for pictures and videos of the new Big Dog prototype, the Boxer.

This is my second ride to meet up with enthusiasts and owners from the Big Dog Biker forum. The first was in Daytona Beach, Florida in March of 2016. Make sure to check our blog or Youtube channel to see the video of Daytona Bike Week 2016.

We took a few hours to hang out and tour with the Big Dog Owner’s Group, ate lunch together, then as everyone parted ways, the inside crew that was staying together, including the President and Partner of Big Dog, Matt Moore.

We rode to Mount Rushmore together, but when we arrived, somebody decided that it wasn’t worth the admission or hassle, so we rode through downtown Sturgis instead.

At the conclusion of our ride, the rain clouds were coming in hot. We quickly parked, put the camera equipment away, and high-tailed it back the the Big Dog rental house, which was between Deadwood and Sturgis.

I’m excited to be along for the journey and can’t wait to shoot videos at the next Owner’s Group meet up.

Sturgis 2016 – Big Dog Motorcycles Owners Group Ride

Article and video by Mike Gamache, Colorado Mountain Life





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