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Sturgis 2016 Big Dog Motorcycles Riders

Sturgis 2016 – Big Dog Motorcycle Riders

Our third rally video under new ownership – Sturgis 2016 – Big Dog Motorcycle Riders –

After the Big Dog Motorcycles Owner’s Group ride, part of the group that stayed in the Big Dog rental house decided to take a ride to Mount Rushmore. Unfortunately, they were charging admission to get the good view and shots… None of us were that interested, so we rode back to Main Street Sturgis and captured a few shots there.

Then, after a good dinner, we headed back to One Eyed Jack’s where the bartenders and entertainment have been chosen to enhance the experience.

We walked into the (somewhat) secret upstairs bar area with Matt, Steve, Chris, and myself. Fortunately, cameras are allowed, so you can see this fun after-ride spot.

I haven’t been to too many strip clubs where the strippers never strip, but the environment was fun and the service was good.

As would be expected, a few rough characters showed up after while, so we decided to head out, keep ourselves in good shape and out of trouble.

Another great thing about staying with a big group is that we always had a designated driver. At one point, 3 of us had to drive to pick up two of our group and ride their bikes home. I’m just glad there were enough of us that we were able to keep everyone off of the road after the drinks started flowing.

We have several more videos from Sturgis 2016, including the reveal video of the latest prototype Big Dog bike, the Boxer. Make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel to see our videos first!

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Sturgis 2016 – Big Dog Motorcycle Riders

Article and video by Mike Gamache from Colorado Mountain Life



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